Monday, October 18, 2010

The Countdown continues!



I know.. I can't even believe it..

Last Saturday Tim and I and his parents went to the Temple for Tim to receive his Endowments.. What a wonderful day that was! Yesterday I gave a talk on Sealing Power.. it was something that i really needed to study.. :)

Next sunday I have to sing.. and Tim has to speak and it will be our last sunday as singles.. YEEEEHAWWWW!!!! :D HAHA can you tell i am excited! Although I am not excited to go to church at 9 am.. lame sauce. Oh well. at least its only for 2 months.. and then hopefully my ward in Utah wont be so early.. Heres to hoping!

Congratulations To our friends Chelsey and Jacob John on their engagement and our friends Devin and Kristi! We are very excited for you and may God bless you on your journey to Eternity! LOVE YOU!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Date Night

Friday(10/1/10) was the first Friday night I have had off with out any obligations in a long time! So Tim and I went on a much needed date! :) of course it turned into a double date, and then a triple date! It was really nice!

At first Tim and I got together and decided where to eat! We chose Olive Garden!

We get there and are waiting for our table to be ready and we are enjoying the nice weather, when an older Gentleman (grandpa) came by and said "Whats going on here!?" hahaha! he was so adorable that it took us by surprise! We responded with "Enjoying the nice weather.." he caught us so mid-sentence that we couldn't come up with anything whitty! But oh was he adorable..

So our Table is ready, and they seat us. We order our drinks (Sprite with lemon for me, Water for Tim) and Tim's phone rings.. Knowing that we are hanging out with Devin and Kristi, Markie and Jake, I'm not surprised. However, we invited Devin and Kristi to come eat dinner with us! It was really nice to have us all there and laughing! First Tim ordered a really great appetizer but I can't think of the name.. here is a picture of it!

Then we all ordered our meals! Tim and I split a chicken broccoli pasta thing! It was in a garlic based sauce and was soo good!

It also came with salad!

After Dinner we ventured over to Party City to kill time while waiting for Markie and Jake to finish dinner.. After that we ventured over to Toys R Us! The boys enjoyed being kids and we walked around and saw some great things!

After we all crammed into Markies little car to get dropped off at our respective cars, We decided to go to Tim's (and my future) apt to play Phase Ten! it was fun at first but got boring quickly.. we sat around telling stories and really enjoying each others company!

Overall it was a really needed date night and a great chance for everyone to get together again and enjoy and evening together, even if we didn't get to go and check out the stars.. :)