Friday, September 24, 2010

Bridal Shower

YAY!!! Tonight is my Bridal Shower!

I am SOOOOOO excited! yay for presents!! OH BOY!!

So, I will more than likely have a Post Bridal shower Post..

Which will include pictures. :) HOORAY!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So I have decided to spill and show you what the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are going to wear! YAY!!!

OKAY! So.. for my bridesmaid Kenna and Matron of Honor Bethany (my sister) They will be wearing:

Only it will be sleeveless.. But they will have a cover up, the same color and their shoes will be a silver color.

the Groomsmen will be wearing:

These Gray suits with a white stripe! and they will have ties that match the dresses, White shirts and black shoes/belts!


 Only they match the color of the bridesmaids dresses!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SOOO AWSM!!!!

Consider yourselves spoiled!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Favorite word

MY NEW FAVORITE WORD IS: ohmygeezers!!!

hehehe.. it is one of my stupid, waste of time, Facebook games saying!

ANY WAY! The reason I shared that with all of you is because.. What a weekend i had!!

Friday i had school and then work.


Tim came over about 9.. and then my future Mother in law, Candie came over and we went over some wedding details.. we went and got more invitations and our favors.. then i went to work and didnt get off till like 1115..


Went to a meeting with the Stake President about my Ecclesiastical endorsement for BYU. Saw Bro Scow there! That was a hoot! :) Finally had my appointment at 10:30... Bore him my testimony. And during it I felt like he wasn't really listening.. but i was and i couldnt believe the things that i was saying. it definately reminded me of how loving our Heavenly Father is..

Well i went to church and sang in the choir! the sisters actually performed really well! it made me so happy!

after church Tim and I went over to my parents and printed up all the invitations and my mom, dad, tim and i stuffed them! :) so now we need to make lables tonight and then put stamps on a ship em off! HOORAY!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random thoughts

As I walk to class, i realize that I have a million ideas running wild.. so what I will do from now on is write bullet points when I get to a stopping place in order to remember all my wonderful ramblings..

Like Today..

One word strikes anger in my soul..


Who decided that they were acceptable pant wear? I mean, if you wear them under a skirt or have a really long shirt that almost looks like a dress but is too short.. I can understand. But wearing them for kicks and giggles? Seriously people. Big people make me wonder, and little people make me sick.

Here are instances when this acceptable:

Riding a bike.


Nice legs mister!

"Remember that spandex my be one size fits all,
 but it doesn't mean that you should......


Wiser words may never have been spoken.. Thank you Gerry. On to my next point of business..

Short shorts. PEOPLE! Really!? First of all you sit there picking your wedges front and back over and over it makes me wonder if this is some new work out program for your forearms. Then there is the thought, half the time you don't have nice legs. I can be honest. I don't even wear shorts in the first place so I can speak freely. AND I don't want to see your bum hanging out!!

Pictures to prove that short shorts are not acceptable:

it doesnt help that he is picking his nose.. or did i just make that up? thoughts?

And one more for giggles..

Thank you officer Dangle.. you have helped prove my point.

Read on fellow bloggers.. i have more..

While waiting outside my classroom for my sociology teacher, I couldn't help over hearing an older lady express her pains this year. She almost lost her mom from congestive heart failure, her daughter was in intensive care for her birthday with a strand of pneumonia that would not be treated, and her son was diagnosed with tarets syndrome. I was like dang. She has had a crappy year. It only makes one reflect on the good things in life and helps us stay grateful for what we have.

In other news, Wedding plans are going well. Tim got his suit from JC Penny! it is really nice and we are going tonight to get Devins. I forgot my shoes again.. so we will have to wait on get those. again. 


SO I love the paranormal. MY mom and I watch Taps (Ghost Hunters and International) all the time. so i am not shocked by it. However, lately i feel like i have a follower. And not invited by any means. The other night the garage door woke me up. So i went down stairs to check it out and nothing. the garage was shut.. So i thought.. Huh Maybe i just thought i heard it.. so I go back upstairs and and lay down and my sister comes into my room and asks why i opened the garage! Well I explained to her what happened, and we shrugged and went back to bed. We still dont know what happened considering that the garage was shut when i got home.. We still don't know what it was. Plus today in class my friend was like did you just touch my shoulder? i was like.. no.. So i am pretty sure something is following me.. 

Well that about does it for this morning.. I know it was a lot so I added pictures for your entertaining pleasure!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept 11th

I guess the reason I didn't specifically write a post yesterday was because there is a lot of things to say, and things that need not be said.

In my Sociology class on Friday I had an awakening of sorts. My teacher is a New Yorker. We were discussing the unity of America and why people of ethnicities hold on to their culture when they are called a "______" American. (Insert what you will, Indian, African, Italian) when a very young student stated that He felt America was first actually united when Sept 11 happened.

Of course being a history major I was like, your an idiot. We united in the Revolutionary war, after the Civil War, In world wars, for civil demonstrations.. give me a break. When suddenly my teacher was like "Oh please STOP! Just stop! I am so tired of people saying that we were united after Sept 11th! We weren't! Half of you were in like 6th grade when this happened! (i was actually a sophomore and 15 almost 16). Americans hated New Yorkers before 9/11. Half of you probably don't even know what day it actually happened on! (It was a Tuesday) I was watching from my bedroom window as the towers came down! I saw it! and for you to say that America finally United! You have no idea. All of a sudden we are attacking people who LOOK Muslim, who are born Americans!"

He went on to explain how he wasn't trying to attack the student, but to express how much it bothered him that people have these ideas of what was going on and how united we all of a sudden were. Its true that we did Unite during this tragic event. I am not trying to say otherwise.

HOWEVER, it still surprises me how little we actually know about what happened before it was hit and what happened after and the affects that it is still causing.

So forgive me if I'm not all, "Oh what a day to remember". because if we aren't do anything about it daily, and are forgetting major events like this on a daily basis, then who are we? What are we going to do about theses tragedies?

Everyday we are fighting a battle. It may not be physical, but it is spiritual. We are allowing the wicked to win. I heard on the AM radio the other day that Hate is an easy emotion. Its easy to hate some one, to think of revenge, to not smile. However, to love.. Now that is a hard emotion. it is not easy to forgive someone, it is not easy to put aside hurt feelings. So what are we to do?

Do we continue hating people because its so easy? Or do we try to be better? One person can make a difference. I know that is so hard to believe, but if we are being nice to one person, don't you think that affect will rub off?

I guess its just something to think about. When tragedy hits, are we going to unite for 6-9 months? Or will it always be a reminder to be a better person? Just think about it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


work can be unpredictable at times.

I was supposed to be an order taker last night, which isn't too bad.. but I don't enjoy as much. Luckily, I was told to take Drive orders. Well i was about to have my WORLD rocked!

We had a non stop line for almost 2 hours! So I suggested to use the Hand Held (to go out and take orders) and Maricella who is the manager says, No. So I'm like okay.. but its a really long line!

 A few minutes later, my screen is doing its own thing and I look at the Monitor and there is someone doing handheld. I WAS PISSED! I wanted to do that so bad!! so that was awsm!

After that I gave the headset to Jonathan and no one told me to do anything.. so I was a wanderer! I basically did everything but cook and board. It was sweet!

Then I got off and went home. Tim was having a guy night and said he would be done about 940. But he wasn't. I guess they went off scorpion hunting.. Thanks for telling me!

So I decided to take a shower and then watch some scrubs!!

I love this show! it makes me sooo happy! Plus i Love JD and Elliot's messed up relationship and am soo happy for the end result!

Then I decided since Tim still hadn't texted me after 10 that i was just gonna go to bed. So I did! However, I woke up at 3:27 to an alarm that hasn't gone off in forever! I am pretty sure it is possessed! Scary!

Today we are painted my sisters Dining room and Kitchen. The floor had to be ripped up because the Refrigerator decided to malfunction and leaked into the floorboards.

Wish us luck!

Friday, September 10, 2010

A nice Quote

I found this quote today and I really like it!

"love is two people that cant live without each other"

 See what I mean?


Oh man! Wedding plans are taking off and flying! I feel like this is amazingly right!

So far, We have engagement pictures, a date (Oct 29th in case you haven't heard), The Mesa Arizona Temple booked, the building, and announcements picked out. I also have my dress, shoes, make up scheduled and hair dresser, my girls dresses and the color for the guys outfits. I have a list of people I want there, I need Tim's list and my parents list.

My bridal shower is Sept 24th and the invitations are all made and addressed they just need to be dropped in the mail box.

Tim had his interview with the Bishop and got the first half of his recommend!! He has an appointment to meet with the Stake President this Sunday at 9am! YAY!!

We went over to Lani Auwens to check out her stash of decorating things on wednesday, I just need to take my sister and mother and Tim over there.. that will be fun...

Every time I think about being with Tim forever I feel so happy! This is so right and I love it! I know that things aren't going to perfect but we are going to work together and try our best to Survive! :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Tim Proposed to me on Saturday night! :)

I had work from 12-4 and we were planning on hanging out in the evening.. I went over to his parents house and got ready and we had "reservations" at 530. Well, through subtle hints I figured out what was going on.. I didn't lead on that fact though.. Any way.. So as we were driving to this restaurant  on Glendale*.. (* means hint) He says that we need to go to his apartment* to pick something up.. Well as we are pulling onto the street I see his mothers car*. Hmm.. wonder what she was doing there! We walked up to the apartment and as soon as we opened the door, you could see candles burning and flowers on the table, our San Diego blanket was on the floor folded just so.. It was really romantic!

Well, Tim asks me to sit on the blanket, pulls out his guitar and sings to me Romeo and Juliet by Taylor Swift.. after we wipe our tears, Tim reaches over to his guitar case and pulls out my nana's ring and asks if I would marry him!!! Of course we kissed and smiled and laughed and were soo happy! Finally he says well. are you hungry? and brings out PF Changs and we ate on our blanket!

It is still so surreal! We are both very happy! Tonight Mom, Bethany and I started to make wedding plans! The colors are going to be Charcoal, Purple and Orange! It will be lovely! I am so thrilled!