Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME! :)

YAY!! Today is DEC 7, 2010!! and, its my Birthday! I am 25 years old! I know, I know, I can't even believe it!! 

Of course Tim can't wait for me to open my present (he wanted me to open it last night!! Hehe!) so he goes and grabs it real quick and throws it into my lap! (at 6:40a)




But wait! What is this!?

It was missing the second part of the power cord!! haha!! :)

Not to worry! i got that all taken care of ! Now I am a crazy crafting lady and have gone a little over board with my paper and stickers.. and I AM SO EXCITED!! I love that thing!

I have the best husband!!

After i took Timmie to work i came home and got ready for the day, Janelle brought me breakfast and it was sooo yummy! A Denny's slamwhich!

Then i met up with my Sister Mom and BABY!!! watched them bowl and held my baby!!
Then we went to Chili's for lunch! not to bad, not to good.. :)

Then, the hunt began. We went to a ton of thrift stores looking for Ugly sweatshirts for the Christmas party.. hahah!! we found some scary things! Pictures will follow after the party!

Then dinner at Big heng Our Favorite family restaurant!

Then i had class.. Boo.

After class i went over to Tims parents to pick up our FREE Ps3! :) it was there i was suprised with a sheet cake and birfday cards!


I really had a great day! Thanks to everyone who made it special!

Monday, December 6, 2010

New car, new Problems..

So as most of you know, Tim and I finally got a car!! Only to inherit more problems.. Geez..

First off, we knew the tires were low profile when we purchased it.. we didn't know, however, that the front right tire would tear when we went through a car wash.. SO, we've been driving on a donut.. 

Second, the tranny started acting funny.. it was pretending that Drive was not an option and that Neutral was where its at.. Luckily we have a 3 month, 70,000 mile warranty on the transmission and we are going to get that checked out next.

Third we need to replace windshield wipers. 

Other than that, we LOVE our car! she is perfect in every-way(minus the above mentioned items..)! 

We washed her, waxed her, and even oiled the inside clean, purchased an air freshener, got her oil changed and topped off her other fluids! We even gave her a Full tank! 

Welcome to the family Forenza Thunhorst! :D