Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lets talk tv Commercials

Tim and I LOVE Netflix! They are amazing, cheap and no commercials.. sure you have to wait for seasons but its for the best.. And since they are so cheap we do not have cable or satalite.

Today I was at my sisters when a polly pocket commercial came on..

Does any one else remember when she ACTUALLY fit into your POCKET!?

Man! These things were AMAZING! I loved my Pollys'!! Now they look like this:
Uhm.. Yea Sorry Polly that wont fit in my pocket.. and you are suspiciously looking a lot like Barbie..

I hate commercials.. unless they make me laugh.. :)


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So what has been happening lately?

Brittany - Decided to deactivate her facebook so that she could focus this semester.  She has less credits but MORE homework. Not happy at all, and no time for anything/anyone.

Tim - Is working at Amazon and is always in the Top 2 positions! We are hoping that he might actually get taken on sooner for a pay increase and insurance.. Hopefully. if not he is also looking into joining the Air Force as a medical officer. Im nervous about it.. but I know that it will be all around a good idea and we would be safer and better off.

Alice is still as cute as ever. She is very cuddly and sleeps with me at night. right now shes in heat and its been really hard on me cause I miss her always sitting by me.. Hopefully she'll be done in a week or so..

We got new callings! well, we are teaching 8-9 year olds instead of 4-5 year olds. I LOVE these kids! they are so funny and actually answer questions. Its really good for discussions.

Other than that we are still here and busy! No children yet so don't worry you didn't miss out on anything!