Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lets talk tv Commercials

Tim and I LOVE Netflix! They are amazing, cheap and no commercials.. sure you have to wait for seasons but its for the best.. And since they are so cheap we do not have cable or satalite.

Today I was at my sisters when a polly pocket commercial came on..

Does any one else remember when she ACTUALLY fit into your POCKET!?

Man! These things were AMAZING! I loved my Pollys'!! Now they look like this:
Uhm.. Yea Sorry Polly that wont fit in my pocket.. and you are suspiciously looking a lot like Barbie..

I hate commercials.. unless they make me laugh.. :)



  1. I totally had the sea shell polly pocket :)

  2. I had a lot of Polly pockets! i loved how miniature they were! I remember the first time i saw the ads for the new Polly pockets... Its just wrong! She is huge!and has rubber clothes and its just lame.. I pray that my original Polly pockets didn't get thrown out.. Its my mission to find them now.. The saying they just dont make them like they used to really fits here.. There was something magical and special about those tiny little boxes you opened and discovered a tiny world..i remember even happy meals had them as the prize for a while when i was a kid.. They were really small and simple but thats how popular they were.. I was born in 1985.. So that gives you an idea.. Anyway i want to collect them still.. So my search begins..