Sunday, September 5, 2010


Tim Proposed to me on Saturday night! :)

I had work from 12-4 and we were planning on hanging out in the evening.. I went over to his parents house and got ready and we had "reservations" at 530. Well, through subtle hints I figured out what was going on.. I didn't lead on that fact though.. Any way.. So as we were driving to this restaurant  on Glendale*.. (* means hint) He says that we need to go to his apartment* to pick something up.. Well as we are pulling onto the street I see his mothers car*. Hmm.. wonder what she was doing there! We walked up to the apartment and as soon as we opened the door, you could see candles burning and flowers on the table, our San Diego blanket was on the floor folded just so.. It was really romantic!

Well, Tim asks me to sit on the blanket, pulls out his guitar and sings to me Romeo and Juliet by Taylor Swift.. after we wipe our tears, Tim reaches over to his guitar case and pulls out my nana's ring and asks if I would marry him!!! Of course we kissed and smiled and laughed and were soo happy! Finally he says well. are you hungry? and brings out PF Changs and we ate on our blanket!

It is still so surreal! We are both very happy! Tonight Mom, Bethany and I started to make wedding plans! The colors are going to be Charcoal, Purple and Orange! It will be lovely! I am so thrilled!

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