Friday, September 10, 2010


Oh man! Wedding plans are taking off and flying! I feel like this is amazingly right!

So far, We have engagement pictures, a date (Oct 29th in case you haven't heard), The Mesa Arizona Temple booked, the building, and announcements picked out. I also have my dress, shoes, make up scheduled and hair dresser, my girls dresses and the color for the guys outfits. I have a list of people I want there, I need Tim's list and my parents list.

My bridal shower is Sept 24th and the invitations are all made and addressed they just need to be dropped in the mail box.

Tim had his interview with the Bishop and got the first half of his recommend!! He has an appointment to meet with the Stake President this Sunday at 9am! YAY!!

We went over to Lani Auwens to check out her stash of decorating things on wednesday, I just need to take my sister and mother and Tim over there.. that will be fun...

Every time I think about being with Tim forever I feel so happy! This is so right and I love it! I know that things aren't going to perfect but we are going to work together and try our best to Survive! :)