Monday, September 20, 2010

New Favorite word

MY NEW FAVORITE WORD IS: ohmygeezers!!!

hehehe.. it is one of my stupid, waste of time, Facebook games saying!

ANY WAY! The reason I shared that with all of you is because.. What a weekend i had!!

Friday i had school and then work.


Tim came over about 9.. and then my future Mother in law, Candie came over and we went over some wedding details.. we went and got more invitations and our favors.. then i went to work and didnt get off till like 1115..


Went to a meeting with the Stake President about my Ecclesiastical endorsement for BYU. Saw Bro Scow there! That was a hoot! :) Finally had my appointment at 10:30... Bore him my testimony. And during it I felt like he wasn't really listening.. but i was and i couldnt believe the things that i was saying. it definately reminded me of how loving our Heavenly Father is..

Well i went to church and sang in the choir! the sisters actually performed really well! it made me so happy!

after church Tim and I went over to my parents and printed up all the invitations and my mom, dad, tim and i stuffed them! :) so now we need to make lables tonight and then put stamps on a ship em off! HOORAY!


  1. Yay! What picture did you guys choose??

  2. we actually chose four! hehe.. :) we went with two black and whites ones, my fb profile pic and then the one where we are piggy backed and you used the flash! :) and with two really green pictures.. one on the bench and one where we are sitting next to each other..