Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random thoughts

As I walk to class, i realize that I have a million ideas running wild.. so what I will do from now on is write bullet points when I get to a stopping place in order to remember all my wonderful ramblings..

Like Today..

One word strikes anger in my soul..


Who decided that they were acceptable pant wear? I mean, if you wear them under a skirt or have a really long shirt that almost looks like a dress but is too short.. I can understand. But wearing them for kicks and giggles? Seriously people. Big people make me wonder, and little people make me sick.

Here are instances when this acceptable:

Riding a bike.


Nice legs mister!

"Remember that spandex my be one size fits all,
 but it doesn't mean that you should......


Wiser words may never have been spoken.. Thank you Gerry. On to my next point of business..

Short shorts. PEOPLE! Really!? First of all you sit there picking your wedges front and back over and over it makes me wonder if this is some new work out program for your forearms. Then there is the thought, half the time you don't have nice legs. I can be honest. I don't even wear shorts in the first place so I can speak freely. AND I don't want to see your bum hanging out!!

Pictures to prove that short shorts are not acceptable:

it doesnt help that he is picking his nose.. or did i just make that up? thoughts?

And one more for giggles..

Thank you officer Dangle.. you have helped prove my point.

Read on fellow bloggers.. i have more..

While waiting outside my classroom for my sociology teacher, I couldn't help over hearing an older lady express her pains this year. She almost lost her mom from congestive heart failure, her daughter was in intensive care for her birthday with a strand of pneumonia that would not be treated, and her son was diagnosed with tarets syndrome. I was like dang. She has had a crappy year. It only makes one reflect on the good things in life and helps us stay grateful for what we have.

In other news, Wedding plans are going well. Tim got his suit from JC Penny! it is really nice and we are going tonight to get Devins. I forgot my shoes again.. so we will have to wait on get those. again. 


SO I love the paranormal. MY mom and I watch Taps (Ghost Hunters and International) all the time. so i am not shocked by it. However, lately i feel like i have a follower. And not invited by any means. The other night the garage door woke me up. So i went down stairs to check it out and nothing. the garage was shut.. So i thought.. Huh Maybe i just thought i heard it.. so I go back upstairs and and lay down and my sister comes into my room and asks why i opened the garage! Well I explained to her what happened, and we shrugged and went back to bed. We still dont know what happened considering that the garage was shut when i got home.. We still don't know what it was. Plus today in class my friend was like did you just touch my shoulder? i was like.. no.. So i am pretty sure something is following me.. 

Well that about does it for this morning.. I know it was a lot so I added pictures for your entertaining pleasure!

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  1. Much easier to read with the shading! And I agree with this post... I'm a firm believer in hiring "Clothing police" that can fine you if you are wearing something that may make anyone sick to look at on you. The world would be a better place :-) And that's just creepy about the garage door...eeeeeeee!