Monday, December 6, 2010

New car, new Problems..

So as most of you know, Tim and I finally got a car!! Only to inherit more problems.. Geez..

First off, we knew the tires were low profile when we purchased it.. we didn't know, however, that the front right tire would tear when we went through a car wash.. SO, we've been driving on a donut.. 

Second, the tranny started acting funny.. it was pretending that Drive was not an option and that Neutral was where its at.. Luckily we have a 3 month, 70,000 mile warranty on the transmission and we are going to get that checked out next.

Third we need to replace windshield wipers. 

Other than that, we LOVE our car! she is perfect in every-way(minus the above mentioned items..)! 

We washed her, waxed her, and even oiled the inside clean, purchased an air freshener, got her oil changed and topped off her other fluids! We even gave her a Full tank! 

Welcome to the family Forenza Thunhorst! :D

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