Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New House

Yes, I know I haven't been on here for a while.. sorry.. But I am so EXCITED!

We are getting a House!

I was starting to lose faith that Tim and I would never find an affordable, two story home. We were almost settling for a one story that was small, but decent. and then, I found it on the website our Realtor(Tim's Dad) gave us, and it literally had just been posted one day before I saw it! 

So, Tim and I jumped in the truck with Bob and drove out there to see it real quick (before it got to dark) and FELL IN LOVE! Of course there are a few things that need to be fixed before we move in... but I'll explain as I post pictures.. You will understand.... :)

This is the outside of our home! There are a LOT of pigeons, so the roof needs to be cleaned off and MORE (yes, more) spikes need to be put up so that those dirty birds will go away. Also the walk way needs to be cleaned as they have dirtied our walkway also.


Entry way, We are gonna rip of the carpets in this and the family room (next slide) and the closet in the center of the the picture. We need to either clean or replace the carpets on the stairs and in the loft area.

This is the Family room

Turn to the right is the Dining room/Kitchen. I am showing the kitchen first so you don't squint to see the other one.. :) EVENTUALLY I would like to replace the counter tops.. 

Dining area! I want to replace the light fixture with something less Gold. :)

Downstairs Restroom, as you enter the Garage, you'll go through the laundry room (sorry no pictures) and then there will be a pantry door and a bath room door!

After you go up stairs on the right side is bedroom number one! I LOVE this room! I want to turn it into my "Scrap/Craft/Office" room. There is an awsm purple stain on the carpet that you cant see and we need to fix it! Out the window is our backyard!

If you come up the stairs and keep going straight, skipping the right turn into the bdrm, is the loft. its a little smaller than I wanted, but its a loft and that is where the tv goes. Yes, that is a walk in closet where all the movies and games and possibly food storage will go!

Now when you round the corner there is another bdrm, sadly no picture, I cant understand why they wouldnt have it showing honestly.. It is such a nice room, I want to make it the guest bdrm. but any way, right across from the door to the bdrm is the upstairs bathroom! It is actually the cleanest bathroom we have seen out of all the houses! and the Faucets are really nice! Btwn the bedroom and bath is a deep closet, perfect for towels and food storage toiletries!

Ahh yes. The infamous Spidy room. This is Tims room when he is naughty. :) JUST KIDDING! Avery wants me to paint one wall blue and one wall green for her and Rylan. "those would be our sides!" haha silly girl. Although the plan is to primer this bad boy as soooooon as possible. I would like to make it avery and rylans room so that when they come to stay with us they can.. future though will be a nursery.

The Master bedroom! Hey! Thats mine and Tim's room! SWEET! It looks really small because of the color, but it is actually pretty big! plus that door way  is a big walk in closet! dont worry, the first plan of action is to primer this room stat and put up a creamy color that will warm up and give the illusion of a bigger room! 

Yea, thats dark purple too.. I dont know if these people had any idea what they were doing... I would like to rip out that shower and do something else with it.. also this room will be painted to match the bedroom so that it will look larger than it is. It is slightly smaller than i'd like, but its perfect for Tim and I to move around. :) What you dont see it on the right of the shower is a door. Through that door is a toilet room! YAY! hahahah! some privacy.

From the far left side of the back yard is the right side! Pretty huge I know! we would like to scoop up all the rock and put it on the sides of the house, and then lay down a bit of sod for our puppy (whenever we get her) and hopefully do a Garden on the other half.

Here is the backyard straight back, there is a mister system and an "Curtain" on one side to block the sun as it is setting! 

and the far right side of the backyard to show the left! yep, it has a satalite! don't mean a thing though as I'd rather just go to my parents or Bethanys and watch Tv. 

And thats all she wrote! Tim and I get excited more and more everyday! We cannot wait to move into our new home! Hopefully the closing date will be early March. But we are not holding our breath. :|


  1. How wonderful! You know you can just spray paint that lighting fixture in the kitchen instead of replacing it if you are on a budget.

    So excited for you guys!

  2. Woo! This looks fantastic. You know I'll help you paint gladly since you helped me so much! That's how friendship works, right? ^_^ I'm so excited for you guys (and that's only partially because you guys will be living a lot closer, again, promise). Here's to hoping you make your closing date! *shows both hands, fingers crossed*

  3. how exciting! and the home is beautiful!!! i remember when jacob and i were house hunting and finally found our home we wanted (which we finally closed escrow on march 2010!)...after waiting several months for it since i was a short sale and the lenders took forever! but all worth the wait! thanks for sharing pics! i love seeing other people's house hunting adventures!

    our master bedroom was funky purple/red!!! as well as our kitchen... so you are not alone lol

  4. how exciting! Buying a house is so much fun, but a lot of stress. Good luck!