Monday, May 30, 2011

New Ward, New Calling

Tim and I are in the Sundance Ward now and we actually like it! its pretty close to our home, only our ward starts at 8. Who ever decided that was a good idea!? Any way, We got callings right away and we are...

Drum Roll Please....

Primary Workers. More specifically we are Sunbeams 3 teachers! We have the CUTEST kids! When we first started I was like.. Uhmm.. You are kidding me right? 3 year olds!? I just got done taming 12 year olds and now I'm teaching 3 year olds!? You dont want Tim and I to have kids do you!? 

Well.. Luckily it hasnt been as nightmarish as I thought it would be.. 

We substituted first and the class was huge and i had no idea what we were doing. Then they split the class, and the previous teachers (took all the kids i liked) gave us a rumbustious class. but it is smaller, so thats good.  any way we have taught three sundays now, and this last sunday we taught them the lesson "I am Thankful for my nose and tongue" We went on a walk to smell some flowers and Tim snuck a picture!

Standing next to me in the White dress is Eva, she is a very good listener, but likes to hurry things along. To the left of me is Myron, his mommy and daddy are the previous teachers, so he has a hard time being in our class. Brooklyn is in the pink dress with her back to us and she is such a 3 year old. Very talkative, but also a great kid! We have to work on her a little more because she can get rather loud! Bending over the flowers in pink is Sophie, She is new to our ward as her family just moved here, and she is such a cutie! She is so smart and answers alot of questions! Next is Levi, and he is flat out adorable! hes very quiet but once you ask him a question like "do you have a pet, or know some one with a pet?' He proceeds to tell you about all the friends with pets he knows! :) Lastly is lil Emma, She doesnt like to talk. our first lesson with her, she sat with her arms folded and legs crossed like a lil lady. She wouldnt talk at all. Now she talks a little when we talk to her, and she even offered to give a prayer! I'm not totally sure if her speech is underdeveloped but I like her! :)

Any way, I love my little class! They are a joy to teach! Tim says im so good with them, but I ususally worry more than he does.. :D

Any way, Happy Memorial Day! we are going to a bbq with my family and then to see Pirates of the Caribbean! 

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