Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept 11th

I guess the reason I didn't specifically write a post yesterday was because there is a lot of things to say, and things that need not be said.

In my Sociology class on Friday I had an awakening of sorts. My teacher is a New Yorker. We were discussing the unity of America and why people of ethnicities hold on to their culture when they are called a "______" American. (Insert what you will, Indian, African, Italian) when a very young student stated that He felt America was first actually united when Sept 11 happened.

Of course being a history major I was like, your an idiot. We united in the Revolutionary war, after the Civil War, In world wars, for civil demonstrations.. give me a break. When suddenly my teacher was like "Oh please STOP! Just stop! I am so tired of people saying that we were united after Sept 11th! We weren't! Half of you were in like 6th grade when this happened! (i was actually a sophomore and 15 almost 16). Americans hated New Yorkers before 9/11. Half of you probably don't even know what day it actually happened on! (It was a Tuesday) I was watching from my bedroom window as the towers came down! I saw it! and for you to say that America finally United! You have no idea. All of a sudden we are attacking people who LOOK Muslim, who are born Americans!"

He went on to explain how he wasn't trying to attack the student, but to express how much it bothered him that people have these ideas of what was going on and how united we all of a sudden were. Its true that we did Unite during this tragic event. I am not trying to say otherwise.

HOWEVER, it still surprises me how little we actually know about what happened before it was hit and what happened after and the affects that it is still causing.

So forgive me if I'm not all, "Oh what a day to remember". because if we aren't do anything about it daily, and are forgetting major events like this on a daily basis, then who are we? What are we going to do about theses tragedies?

Everyday we are fighting a battle. It may not be physical, but it is spiritual. We are allowing the wicked to win. I heard on the AM radio the other day that Hate is an easy emotion. Its easy to hate some one, to think of revenge, to not smile. However, to love.. Now that is a hard emotion. it is not easy to forgive someone, it is not easy to put aside hurt feelings. So what are we to do?

Do we continue hating people because its so easy? Or do we try to be better? One person can make a difference. I know that is so hard to believe, but if we are being nice to one person, don't you think that affect will rub off?

I guess its just something to think about. When tragedy hits, are we going to unite for 6-9 months? Or will it always be a reminder to be a better person? Just think about it.


  1. I believe that the days and months after 9/11 the nation truly was united. everyone seemed to be mourning together and serving together.
    Watching political shows or listening to political radio makes me feel like we are a very divided country today. I fear that it is peace that will tear our country apart, because we have proved ourselves capable of uniting when disaster strikes but what about the time between the storms? thats when we fight the most amongst ourselves...

  2. so basically you are saying that when tragedy strikes we are better off? because i can see that. it is when the storms hit that we are more united. However, I didnt say that 9/11 experience did not unite us..