Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Especially since I may or may not steal their ideas.. :) YAY!!!

So I got this little survey off a new friends blog! Thanks Chelsea! :)

1. when is your "marriage" anniversary? "engagement" anniversary?

Marriage October 29th 2010 and our engagement anniversary is Sept 4th 2010! :) 
so fresh so fresh!

2. where/how did you meet your spouse for the first time?

Sooo Cheesy.. We actually met at FHE in our singles ward. I just got home from my mission so I was overly friendly and met just about everyone that night.  Then I saw Tim and could not get over how stinkin funny he was! That night a small group got together and we went to In n Out before heading up to Verrado and longboarding.. He wasnt planning on going, but he says that he felt like he had to. AND THE REST IS HISTORY! :D

3. how long have you known your spouse:

2 years in july :)

4. how long did you date/court before you were engaged?

One year and one month! 

5. do you have any children:

Not yet.. we're gonna spend some quality time together..

6. do you have any house pets:

Well. We have a fish named Finn. and he LOVES me.. Tim is quite jealous actually! 

7. what are some of your favorite activities together:

Anything together! lately it has been car shopping and cleaning.. but we love watching movies and playing games..

8. do you have a favorite vacation spot:

The only place we have been on vacation to was San Diego and it was wonderful!

9. where was your first date?

Actually it was a double date and it was at our friends house, we watched the movie ink heart and then wrestled. I am pretty sure i won. :)

10. when did you first kiss? 
the same night. which was not what was intended.. We both didnt want to and it just kind of happened.. Magical. :) of course it was just a simple cute kiss.

11. who said i love you first? 
obviously it was me.. but it was more of a "I'm not going to say it all the time, but I do love you.." kind of thing.. to which he replied I know. I love you too. And then i guess I lied cause after that we said it all the time.. :D

12. did you get married in a church? 

We were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple

13. do you get flowers often?

When we got closer to being engaged yes.. but its not a big deal to me if i do or dont

14. where did you go on your honeymoon:

We haven't taken our official honeymoon yet, but our mini one was taken to Scottsdale for the weekend! We had a nice little place that was a smidge bigger than the apartment and we went to see jack@ss 3.. :) it was awsm.. I am hoping for the real one that we go to Cali and go to Disneyland! 

15. how long did you know each other before you started dating?

 a week. hehe

16. what do you call each other most of the time?
Tim: babe, tuddles, lover
Brit: Bunny, baby, sweetass(his personal favorite i guess)

17.where dID YOU EACH GO TO school?
Tim went to El Torro High in Cali and then Estrella Mountian
Brit went to Peoria High, Glendale Comm, Estrella Mountian, and recently just got accepted to ASU. 

18. which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?

Finding a car. Since i wrecked it we have been stressed out trying to find the right one for our budget and our family

19. did you go to the same school?

Well, we went to EMCC during the summer but didnt have any classes together

20. are you from the same home town?

Nope.. He's a Cali boy and i'm from peoria

21. who is smarter?

I guess it depends, he is a know it all and really does know a lot, I think of things that he doesnt think of so he thinks I'm just so smart!

22. who is more sensitive?

Tim. He cried at the wedding and I wouldn't budge. haha that sounds so heartless but i was not about to mess up my eye make up! 

23.where do you eat out most as a couple?

In N out.. but not lately.. its been super random never the same thing twice.

24. what attracted you about him/her first?

His sense of humor and how kind he was. For some reason I am a sucker for facial hair and at the time he was growing out a beard.. :D

25. who is more social?
Def Tim. I thought I was a social butterfly till I met Tim. He knows EVERYONE.

26. who is the neat-freak?

it would be me. tim cleans but doesnt get anxiety when there are piles that need to be dealt with. I can't even look at big messes or I freak out. With the still moving in stuff I have been really bad about not cleaning.. ugh..

28. who hogs the bed?
Me.. but its not on purpose! somehow my side of the bed is a little higher so i end up rolling into him by morning..

29. who wakes up earlier?

Right now we get up at the same time, but i hear the alarm first.

30. what are his favorite things and her favorite things?

Tim: Surfing, Playing games, Gym, Rugby, anything active, movies, playing with his new neices and nephew!
Brit: Scrap booking, reading, Being w/ Family, attempting to cook, attempting crafts

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